Review: LustCinema

If you’re looking for some porn with class, some realistic plots, and pretty good acting, then definitely check out LustCinema. This site, founded by Erica Lust in 2010, is a conglomeration of film makers from around the world, with a focus on the feminine aspect of lust, love, and sex.

Yes, many of the films are filled with romance and playful, joyful eroticism. However, there are some darker features, which follow a grittier plot and show seedier sex scenes. One such film is Wasteland, which has chapters that feature sex in an alley and a rough gang bang thoroughly enjoyed by two female participants. And oh yeah, there’s some anal in there!


In addition to the feature films, there are series, which have three or so shorts within each episode. Xconfessions is quite popular. There are couple that are ‘educational’, but as you might imagine, that’s not really why folks sign up.

I have to admit, signup is a little confusing because LustCinema uses a third-party (Stiffia) to handle the subscription. So, you end up with two accounts. Also, the search feature on LustCinema is a little lacking (at least with the Firefox browser), and one annoyance is the “search bar” remains visible while watching a film full screen.

As I mentioned, if you’re looking for some porn with some class and eroticism, go check out LustCinema now!


Note: This review was not requested by nor is endorsed by anyone associated with the review’s target focus.