I Love Anal

The ass is a ‘one way pipe’ to many of my girlfriends, and I find that kind of sad. They’re really missing out on incredibly heightened pleasure. Many guys, too, live by this strict axiom, and feedback from those who don’t indicate great pleasure and more intense orgasms – just like me!

I’ve loved anal since I started masturbating, oh so long ago. I really enjoy the added stimulation of something in my ass while I rub away at my clit. I don’t know exactly what propelled me to try it, but I just craved that penetration as I was pleasuring my vagina, so a finger was first.

As I continued to experiment, and not able to obtain sex toys, I tried various objects. I found that carrots, with their various widths and lengths, were an excellent choice, though only good for a single use. I’d rinse the carrot, then skin the big top end, leaving the bottom part (‘handle’) untouched for better grip. Then, cut off the rough part where the green leaves come out and whittle away any edges to make the top smooth and round. Saliva was enough to get it nice and lubed to slide smoothly in and out of my ass.

Once, while walking in the woods and feeling particularly horny, I spotted a smooth stick on the ground, about the width of a carrot’s top. I picked it up and gave it a good examination: smooth (no bark), no bugs or bug holes, still solid and strong (no rotting), and the perfect size. I took it home; whittled a nice, round tip; and sanded it to a lovely, smooth finish. I had my first real dildo! A little Vaseline was all it needed.

Ever since then, I’ve always had one or more toys which are specifically used in my ass. I don’t always stimulate my ass when I masturbate, but when I do crave that extra penetration it’s just pure pleasure! So I encourage you to try it – both girls and guys.

Wait? What about cock in my ass? And do I prepare for anal in any way? Well, that’s for another post. 😉